Nuorempi tutkija

MSc, Early Stage Researcher

Currently, I work in the Radiation and Chemicals Research Group to investigate the cellular effects of extremely low frequency magnetic fields using live-cell imaging and quantitative image analysis. I also perform metabolomic data-analysis to investigate the cellular metabolic effects of radio frequency and intermediate frequency electromagnetic fields.

During years 2014-2019 I worked in the Inhalation toxicology research group where I conducted my PhD research. I investigated the toxicological effects of particulate matter, and how fluctuations in air quality, PM chemical compositon, and meteorological and atmospheric factors influence them. My primary methods involved biochemical assays to measure cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, and oxidative stress from cell cultures, as well as chemokine/cytokine release using ELISA, and DNA content/cell cycle analysis by flow cytometry.

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Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Inhalation Toxicology Laboratory




+358 40 355 3588