Tiina  Jääskeläinen

Tiina Jääskeläinen

Project Researcher

Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, Department of Geographical and Historical Studies

tiina.jaaskelainen@uef.fi | +358 50 336 8619

050 3368619
050 336 8619
+358 50 336 8619
+35850 336 8619
050 3368 619
+358 50 3368 619
+35850 3368 619
+358 50 3368619
+35850 3368619

I approach environmental governance as encounters between actors who are located and situated in multiple partially connected sociomaterial networks. Each network reproduces and regenerates its own ontology and epistemology about sustainability and its own conceptions of moral (values and conceptions of responsibility). I apply theories founded on decolonial and posthumanist relational approaches, combining political ontology, decoloniality and STS with environmental politics.

My PhD contributes to critical management studies and focuses on recognition in natural resource governance and development planning in Sápmi, during contemporary decolonising processes of the Sámi people as Indigenous people of Northern Europe.

My post.doctoral research will be about responsive and collaborative governance of waterscapes. I am interested in ontological, epistemological, participatory and distributional dimensions of justice in natural resource governance.

My research is interdisciplinary and I am accustomed to collaborate across social sciences, law and business studies and natural sciences. I have also worked with policy assessments.

I use qualitative methods, such as ethnography, action research, interviews and policy analysis in my research.