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Tiina  Rättilä

Tiina Rättilä

Project Researcher

Researcher and project manager in HIWE project (2022-2024)

Business School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 529 6385

As a political researcher, my research interests since the 1990s have included democracy, civic activism, political participation, publicity and, broadly speaking, critical social theory. In the ALL-YOUTH project (Strategic Research Council 2018-2023), I have studied young people’s societal participation, especially from the perspective of sustainable well-being. In the HIWE project (Business Finland 2022-2024), I examine international talents’ relationship to Finnish working life and society more generally. All my research interests are united by an interest in whether different people and groups feel their voice to be heard in society, and what is their experience of being able to influence decision making in issues that concern their lives. I am also interested in developing and experimenting with new research and teaching methods.


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