Anam Hammid

Early Stage Researcher , School of Pharmacy

Chiara Rutanen

Project Researcher , Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences

Endocannabinoid system as a drug target - Savinainen

Bioactive lipids, such as eicosanoids, endocannabinoids and lysophospholipids are endogenous signaling molecules with wide spectrum of (patho)physiological functions in regulating cellular activity. Typically, these lipophilic messengers are produced "on demand" from cell membrane precursors and ...

Metabolism and transport of drugs and xenobiotics

Our research is focused important cytochrome P450 and conjugation enzymes, hepatic transporters and nuclear receptors that regulate these proteins. We also investigate drug metabolism in various ocular tissues.

Ocular Drug Delivery group (ODD)

The Ocular Drug Delivery (ODD) group develops advanced drug delivery methods for targeted and prolonged drug delivery to both the anterior and posterior segments of the eye. Furthermore, we use computational tools for drug development and preclinical-to-clinical translation to build a quantitativ...