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Johanna Järvinen (

Finacial services offers guidance and support in financial issues to the units in the faculties. Financial advisory service, Financial services, Externally funded projects financial support.

Katja Pesonen (

I work in Financial Services and my work includes providing guidance and support in financial issues together with other experts. Donations: and taxes etc . I have been controller since 2020.

I started working as project designer in year 2011 Department of Health and Social Management

In year 2015 I started in Financial Services:

  • First years (2015 – 2018) in A. I. Virtanen Institute, Financial Affairs as project controller, Department of Neurobiology.
  • 2018 – 2019 EU projects, Academy of Finland, grants etc, audits, funding team organizer. External and Basic Funding projects guidance and support.

Saga Eriksson (

Currently undertaking doctoral studies, majoring in financial law. My focus is sustainable finance and particularly the EU Taxonomy Regulation, the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation and Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. My interest in is the role of law in market creation and emergence and exploring the experiences of the financial industry with regards to the EU legislative framework for sustainable finance. Previously I spent nearly 6 years working in policy, communications, and marketing for a public affairs agency in London, with a focus on financial services and climate policy. I have an MSc in Multilevel Governance in Europe from the University of Essex.