01.05.2021 - 30.04.2026
Neuro-Innovation is an EU Horizon2020 MSCA funded four-year doctoral programme that focuses on research and innovation for brain health throughout life. The project coordinators are professor Päivi Eriksson (UEF Business School) and professor Tarja Malm (A I Virtanen Institute).

Neuropharmacology and Drug Targets Consortium (NDTC)

01.01.2022 -
NDTCs vision: Diseases of the CNS share common pathological mechanisms and increased understanding of neuroscience and pharmacology of neural system will lead to therapeutic options in diseases with incomplete or unmet medical need.

NDTCs mission: We decipher and unravel common pa...


01.04.2018 - 31.03.2022
The Genetics and Mechanisms in Translational Medicine Doctoral programme (GenomMed) will train international experts in translational genomics aiming to solve health care -related questions in the fields of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and neurosciences to create solutions and innovation...

Tuomas Pernu

University Lecturer , Department of Social Sciences

Biomedical Image Analysis

01.11.2016 -
Rapid advances in non-invasive neuroimaging methods have revolutionized the possibilities to study changes occurring in living brain across a variety of time-scales ranging from seconds to an entire life span. A large part of these advances can be attributed to the development of dedicated comput...