Aquatic ecotoxicology

Fate and effects of chemicals, metals as well as nano- and micro-sized particles in the aquatic environment.

Inhalation Toxicology Laboratory

The research of the Inhalation Toxicology Laboratory is focused on toxicological effects of inhalable environmental exposures in the immune system. Our aim is to identify the actual causes of health effects by using cell lines, experimental animals and clinical samples. The research is conducted ...

Ahmed Tawfek

Project Researcher, Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine

Marjut Roponen

Associate Professor , Inhalation Toxicology Laboratory

BioColour - Bio-based Dyes and Pigments for Colour Palette

Natural dyes may contain biologically active compounds which may have harmful effects on human health. The research team lead by Prof. Jaana Rysä of toxicology at the School of Pharmacy UEF will assess toxicity of novel biocolourants. The team includes Postdoctoral Researcher Mikko Herrala and Do...

Jussi Kukkonen

Professor , Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences