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Anna  Lähde

Anna Lähde


Aerosolitekniikan professori

Ympäristö- ja biotieteiden laitos, Luonnontieteiden, metsätieteiden ja tekniikan tiedekunta

anna.lahde@uef.fi | 040 355 3805

I am professor in aerosol technology and the leader of the Sustainable Materials Group at Fine Particle and Aerosol Technology Laboratory. I have also been holding the Academy of Finland Research Fellow position between 2017 and 2022.  My research is focused on the development of sustainable materials for clean air and water applications. The studies include formation, preparation and characterization of the sustainable nano- and micron-sized materials using sustainable precursors. The research also include the analysis and toxicological effects of these materials and airborne particles.

The main synthesis methods applied in the studies include aerosol processes such as spray pyrolysis, physical vapor deposition, chemical vapor synthesis and high temperature induction annealing up to 2600 ºC. In my recent studies, I have focused on the synthesis of novel materials including carbon structures and graphene, superparamagnetic particles (e.g. iron and iron oxides) and catalytic materials (Au, Co) using aerosol processes and induction annealing.

Additional information of research interests can be found through the links attached in this www-site.


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