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Emilia  Korkea-aho

Emilia Korkea-aho


Eurooppaoikeuden ja lainsäädäntötutkimuksen professori

Oikeustieteiden laitos, Yhteiskuntatieteiden ja kauppatieteiden tiedekunta

emilia.korkea-aho@uef.fi | 050 478 3027

050 4783027
050 478 3027
+358 50 478 3027
+35850 478 3027
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+35850 4783 027
+358 50 4783027
+35850 4783027

I am Professor of European Law and Legislative Studies, PI of Academy of Finland Research Project on revolving doors (REVOLVE, 2021–2025) and of the Kone Foundation research project on political influence and lobbying in Finnish municipal politics (LoSKa, 2023-2027). I am also Visiting Fellow at the Maastricht Centre for European Law.

My research interests relate to law and democracy in the EU and national contexts, with a focus on EU institutional and constitutional law. In recent years, I have written about soft law, legal expertise, lobbying and the revolving door phenomenon, and the national governance of EU structural funds.  Methodologically my work is interdisciplinary and socio-legally oriented with an emphasis on qualitative expert interviews.

I have held visiting positions at Melbourne Law School (2023), Yale Law School (2019-2020), EUI (2007, 2014-2015), Columbia Law School (2010), and University College London (2008-2009).

I have served in various expert positions relating to lobbying and its regulation. As of June 2023, I have served as Vice-Chair of the Advisory Board for the Finnish Transparency Register. In 2020, I received the Academy of Finland Award for Social Impact in recognition for my work on lobbying.


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