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LYY Institute for Natural Resources, Environment and Society is a network organization based at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). LYY’s objective is to strengthen multidisciplinary research and education of the environment and sustainable natural resource use from the perspectives of social and cultural sciences. LYY is part of the activities connected to the UEF strategic area “Environmental change and sufficiency of natural resources”. We think that the global sustainability challenges are deeply integrated into societal and cultural questions of energy and natural resources use and we are committed to study the promises of circular economy, bioeconomy, sustainable mining and effective climate politics.

As a multidisciplinary network LYY brings together several disciplines: environmental policy, environmental law, forest economics and policy, environmental history, social and cultural geography, geoinformatics, business studies, cultural studies and environmental education.

LYY is an umbrella organization for several research networks and groups. LYY experts are active in the following UEF research communities: MECES Minerals, Energy and Circular Economy in Sustainable Transitions, FOBI Forests and Bioeconomy, CFEH Climate Forcing, Ecosystems and Health, and WATER Sustainable Co-management of Water Resources and Aquatic Environments.

Under LYY umbrella there are the following research centres, groups and networks: Research Centre for Socially and Environmentally Responsible Mining (SERM); Social Scientific Circular Bioeconomy Research network (SOBIO), and Centre for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law (CCEEL), Digital Geosciences Research Group, Responsive Natural Resources Governance Research Group, Environment, Society and Development in Latin America (ESDLA) Research Group.

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