Institute of Law and Welfare

The Institute of Law and Welfare brings together welfare-related legal research, expertise and education from the University of Eastern Finland. The Institute, consisting of almost 20 researchers, is the field's major research and educational centerpoint in Finland.

Genome Center of Eastern Finland

Genome Center of University of Eastern Finland has provided diagnostic test for monogenic diseases and farmacogenomics since 2004. During these years we have keep our analysis methods up-to-date and improved our reporting and quality management policies.

Gene diagnostics at Genome ...

Eurasian Studies

01.11.2017 -
International Network, located at UEF VERA Center, unites 9 participant countries along the Silk Road path.

House of Effectiveness

The House of Effectiveness is a multidisciplinary forum that brings the University of Eastern Finland’s effectiveness research and education relating to welfare and health under one, virtual roof.

Natalie Joubert

Doctoral student in the Welfare, Management and Health Program (WELMA)