Chloe Wells

Early Stage Researcher, Department of Geographical and Historical Studies

Department of Geographical and Historical Studies

Our research is focussed on the mutual impacts of space, time and the environment. We emphasise that these research themes are marked by socio-cultural, as well as spatial characteristics, and regularly reflect transnational and comparative approaches. Both qualitative and quantitative methodolog...

Digital Geosciences

Our research group focuses on better understanding and interpretation of human-nature interactions with the Earth’s surface using the geodata.

Eeva Pärjälä

Early Stage Researcher, SENSOTRA-project, Finnish Language and Cultural Research

Insect Ecology and Biogeography research group

We study various aspects of insect ecology - from large scale biogeographical patterns to microbial interactions. Research is concentrating mostly to social insects (ants, bumblebees & yellowjacket wasps), but also other model systems, such as aquatic insects and protozoans, are under study.

Juha Halme

Early Stage Researcher, Karelian Institute