Africa-EU relations, migration, development and integration

01.09.2017 - 08.01.2020
The Africa-EU relations, migration, development and integration (AEMDI) project, aims to bring into conversation leading academics, policy makers, political observers and practitioners from civil society to explore and examine intra-Africa migration on one hand and EU-Africa relationships vis-à-v...

Anndra Dumo

Early Stage Researcher , Department of Nursing Science

Diana Schenkwein

Senior Researcher , A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences


01.05.2016 - 31.08.2019
Multilayered Borders of Global Security.

House of Effectiveness

The House of Effectiveness is a multidisciplinary forum that brings the University of Eastern Finland’s effectiveness research and education relating to welfare and health under one, virtual roof.

Jaana Vuori

Professor , Finnish Language and Cultural Research

Larisa Leisiö

Professor , Foreign Languages and Translation Studies