Laura Tomppo

Senior Researcher , Department of Applied Physics

Anna Lähde

Academy Research Fellow , Fine Particle and Aerosol Technology Laboratory (FINE)

Functional surfaces

Functional surfaces research group focuses on fabrication and characterization of functional micro- and nanostructured surfaces.

The main research topics focus on photocatalysis, metal injection molding (MIM), and friction management of sliding surfaces.

Jani Tuovinen

Early Stage Researcher, SIB Labs Infrastructure Unit

Pharmaceutical Physics

The Physico-chemical properties of solid pharmaceutical materials play an essential role in their behavior, stability, and performance throughout their whole lifetime. Prediction and interpretation of the behavior of the material under processing, storage, and delivery demand a deep understanding...


Our team aim to find new solutions to utilize various biomasses. We do chemical and antimicrobial characterization for biorefining products, such as bio oils from thermal conversion processes.