BioMedical Ultrasound Group

01.07.1999 -
The motivation for our research is to investigate and develop new innovative ways to use US in diagnostic and therapeutic purposes based on the deep understanding of ultrasound-tissue interaction mechanisms.

Computational Physics and Inverse Problems research group

The Computational Physics and Inverse Problems research group studies computational and Bayesian inverse problems as well as uncertainty modelling. The group consists of several research teams with application fields in biomedical, industrial, geophysical and atmospheric inverse problems.

Biomaterials technology group

Biomaterials technology group focuses on biomaterials, techniques and applications in biomedical technology, biorefining and coating technologies. Although conventionally biomaterials are considered for medical devices and equipment, the BMTG research and projects cover a wider range of raw mater...

Biomedical Spectroscopy Laboratory (biomedspect)

We are a multi-disciplinary research group of Engineers, Physicists, and Mathematicians focusing on applied spectroscopy and computational biophotonics. Our main aim is to adapt and translate optical and spectroscopic techniques and technology for clinical diagnostics of tissue pathologies.

Laure Fauch

Postdoc-tutkija, Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences