Analytical unit of the school of Pharmacy

27.02.2020 - 30.04.2021
The analytical unit of the School of Pharmacy offers analytical chemistry method development and analysis services for the researchers and our collaborators in mass spectrometry, magnetic resonance spectroscopy and inorganic chemistry.

Microplastics and health

Microplastics research group in the School of Pharmacy. We study the health effects and methods of transportation of micro- and nanoplastics using pharmaceutical research methods, in addition, we develop sample preparation and analytical methods for microplastics.

Microplastic research

Interdisciplinary research on microplastics: especially method development and qualitative and quantitative analysis of microplastics from environmental samples (SIB Labs), development of chemical analyses (Pharmacy), effects on aquatic organisms (Environmental and biosciences), and on human heal...


Our team aim to find new solutions to utilize various biomasses. We do chemical and antimicrobial characterization for biorefining products, such as bio oils from thermal conversion processes.

Medicinal Organic Synthesis Research Group

01.01.2019 -
Medicinal Organic Synthesis Research Group is a vibrant and innovative group of young scientist pursuing the challenges of medicinal chemistry by synthetic chemistry.

Bioorganic chemistry

Research in the interface between organic and biological chemistry. Protein structure & function, biorefining and bioanalytical chemistry. X-ray crystallography and mass spectrometry.

Applied chemistry

Applied chemistry research at School of Pharmacy merges biochemistry, organic and inorganic, and analytical chemistry expertise. We create novel solutions for problems in pharmacy and medicine as well as in environmental sciences. We utilize chromatography, mass spectrometry and NMR spectoscopy t...