Marja Sorvari

Associate Professor , Foreign Languages and Translation Studies

New Cultural Horizons

01.01.2020 - 30.06.2022
The project is funded by Karelia CBC -programme. The project is implemented by University of Eastern Finland, State Educational Organization of the Republic of Karelia (coordinator) and Petrozavodsk college of music named after Karl Erikovich Rautio.
The project New cultural Horizons aims ...

Sanna Iskanius

Director of Training , Centre for Continuous Learning

Kaisa Vainio

Early Stage Researcher , School of Forest Sciences

Karelian and language contacts

01.01.2011 -
The group consists of senior researchers, post doctoral researchers and doctoral students who investigate the varieties of Karelian and their contact with Finnish and Russian from several perspectives.

Grand Duchy

Grand Duchy of Finland as Political Space: A conceptual history.

Kati Parppei

University Lecturer , Department of Geographical and Historical Studies