Department of Geographical and Historical Studies

Our research is focussed on the mutual impacts of space, time and the environment. We emphasise that these research themes are marked by socio-cultural, as well as spatial characteristics, and regularly reflect transnational and comparative approaches. Both qualitative and quantitative methodolog...

MECES Minerals, Energy, and Circular Economy in Sustainability Transitions

MECES research community studies the societal challenges of sustainability transitions in the fields of minerals, energy and circular economy from the perspectives of politological, legal, business, geographical, historical and social studies and geoinformatics. In the sustainability transitions,...

Moritz Albrecht

Assistant professor, Department of Geographical and Historical Studies

RELOCAL - Resituating the Local in Cohesion and Territorial Development

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The EU Horizon 2020 research project ‘Resituating the local in cohesion and territorial development’ – RELOCAL has received funding from European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement Nº 727097. ...

Spatialities of Local Transformations

Spatialities of Local Transformations (SLOT) research group focuses on the spatial processes that affect and guide place making, regional development and localized policy materialization processes .