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Added value from data streams in bioeconomics research

01.09.2023 - 31.08.2026
Department of Technical Physics, Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology


Main funder

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The project is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The project is implemented by University of Eastern Finland, Natural Resources Institute Finland (coordinator) and National Land Survey of Finland.

The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), the University of Eastern Finland and the Spatial Information Centre of the Finnish Land Survey Institute produce a lot of research data based on measurements and models from bioeconomy research stations located in Northern Savonia to help Finnish agriculture towards carbon-neutral and sustainable production. Current research methods and devices are increasingly producing digital data, which needs to be stored, organised and made available as openly as possible. Current methods of managing research data flows do not allow the full exploitation of the data produced to achieve this objective.
The BioEconData project will develop and deploy digital solutions for the management of research data, enabling more efficient and coherent flow of the data produced within, between and beyond organisations. In particular, the project aims to develop the data management system architecture of Luke, to extend the use of the IoT Hub platform, to create effective data flows for the digital twins of selected research environments, to develop remote sensing data management and publishing, and to improve the management of data flows generated by greenhouse gas emissions mapping technology based on laser tomography. The project will help researchers and experts in organisations to increase the impact of their research by adopting and piloting modern digital methods for visualising and communicating research data to enable wider use of research information. The online services demonstrated in the project, such as a map-based solution for following research in Luke’s research areas, will help RDI and business actors in the region to follow and use the research data produced and increase collaboration between different actors.
The project will improve the competitive position of the region and its organisations at national and international level by making research data from the regions created with high-quality instrumentation by national network of top researchers more accessible. The project will create better digital tools for the actors in the bioeconomy sector in the North Savo region to develop their business activities taking into account economic and environmental aspects.