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Applied Business, Law and Economics Research Group (ABLE)

Research group
01.01.2018 -
Business School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

Applied Business, Law, and Economics Research Group (ABLE) is a research group at the University of Eastern Finland Business School. The research group unites views and tools of economic and legal sciences to study empirically issues in the domain of firm and consumer decision-making and choice behavior in the context of markets and regulated environments.



The group’s recent and current research focuses in

  • Decision making under risk and uncertainty in real-life decisions
  • Gambling markets and bettor behaviour
  • SMEs in public procurement
  • Banking and financial market regulation
  • Municipal accounting and auditing
  • Auditing
  • Financial discourses and emotions, financial acumen, autoethnography in accounting
  • Cross-disciplinary research in company law, accounting law and insolvency law
  • M&A and restructuring transactions
  • Strategic orientations and SMEs’ performance
  • Corporate responsibility in legal contexts
  • Small business valuation