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Forests, Global Change and Bioeconomy (BORFOR)

This research area focuses on the effects of forest management, forest use and climate change on the carbon dynamics, structure and ecosystem services of forests, such as the production of forest biomass, biodiversity, forest carbon sequestration and recreational use. The research area also studies the needs for adjustment in forest management in a changing operating environment (e.g. the diversification of forestry and bioeconomy, climate change), and the possibilities to mitigate climate change and biodiversity depletion through adjustments in forest management and forest use.

The research approaches used are multidisciplinary, encompassing both experimental research (e.g. tree responses to changes in environmental factors, adaptation mechanisms of forest plants, carbon dynamics of forest ecosystems, forest management and biodiversity) and modelling (forest ecosystem and risk modelling, life cycle analysis, forest planning optimisation systems and systems supporting decision-making, biometry-based modelling, interpretation of laser scanning data, geographic information systems).

The research is of an extremely high international level and is socially impactful. It responds to topical challenges, both those that are national and those that affect mankind globally, in which sustainable forest management and forest use play significant roles.


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