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Commercial and Trade Law Research Group

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The research group focuses on emerging markets and the evolving regulatory framework for commerce. We concentrate on the role of law and trade in shaping the global economy, which directly impacts national and regional economies. Our research targets regulation that may enable growth and remove barriers to trade and commercial development. Global transactions impact the regulator’s ability to control actors and digital content as well as reducing risks and preventing harm to consumers. Hybrid governance models and institutions are necessary to govern international distribution chains to detect fraudulent activity and promote innovative entrepreneurship.
Technological development surpasses regulation that is mainly geared towards real world commerce. Digitalization does not replace, but transforms international chains of commerce and creates opportunities for new business innovations. Trade in physical goods remains relevant, yet increasingly trade revolves around digital content and the service economy. Our research focuses on grey areas or gaps in commercial regulation. Thematically we focus on the areas of intellectual property rights, food and company law.
Our focus on IPRs relates to policing criminal activity and utilizing protection schemes to further entrepreneurship, especially protecting innovative SMEs in global markets and developing countries. We see potential in food innovation to enhance food security and sustainable business models in food development. Imminent threats to growth are food safety risks, lacking control points in commerce, and food fraud. Radical shifts in markets and tradeable commodities affect corporate decision-making, responsibilities and liability.
The research group offers education in private law at UEF Law School. We offer courses on site and online on e.g. commercial law, law and internet, food and IPRs, international trade and development and comparative law. Our course ‘Law and the Internet’ is also offered to the students from other European universities through the Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) alliance. The intensive course on Food Law & Policy is offered as part of UEF Summer School. Our research group co-organizes the International Conference on Innovation and Communications Law (CICL) annually.