Developing competitiveness of the regional bioeconomy companies

Closed. 01.06.2020 - 31.12.2020

The project investigates the relevant competitiveness factors of the forest bioeconomy operating environment

This project will:
Find out what is known in research about structure elements of a regional business environment and an attractiveness.
Make questionnaire to all bioeconomy enterprises that operate in North Karelian. Furthermore, results of the questionnaire research will be complemented with interviews to at least 10 growth-oriented bioeconomy enterprises.
Find out current situation in forest bioeconomy business and the most important change forces in North Karelia.
Arrange a seminar about forest bioeconomy’s regional attractiveness elements.
Arrange a bench marking trip to Värmland to explore their Paper Province Alliance.
Arrange a public seminar in order to present results of the survey.
Publish a survey report.