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Economic evaluation of cultural Health and Wellbeing  -project´s Profile image

Economic evaluation of cultural Health and Wellbeing -project

Finished 01.04.2022 - 30.04.2023
School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences


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Economic evaluation of cultural Health and Wellbeing  -project funder logo

The project is funded by Government’s analysis, assessment, and research activities (VN TEAS funding). The project is being carried out by the University of Eastern


The project is also referred to as ArtWell

Finland’s The House of Effectiveness, the University of the Arts Helsinki and Kulttuurihyvinvointipooli.


Arts and culture are one of the key factors affecting the perceived wellbeing of individuals and populations in the society. Research on the health and wellbeing effects of arts and culture has increased over the past couple of decades. This has also increased the political decision-makers interest of the possibilities of cultural wellbeing activities in health and wellbeing promotion. However, research evidence of the economic impact of cultural wellbeing activities has so far been limited, which has weakened the weight of cultural wellbeing activities in decision-making.

From the perspective of economic evaluation, the multidisciplinary and the cross-sectoral nature of cultural wellbeing activities also present their own challenges to the assessment. For example, identifying impact mechanisms and confounding factors that effect on the results of evaluation, as well as usability related to the conditions for implementation.

In order to measure and assess the multidisciplinary impact of cultural wellbeing activities, impact indicators are needed to support the economic assessment to measure changes at individual and population levels in perceived overall wellbeing and to relate these changes to investments in cultural wellbeing activities in order to assess cost-effectiveness.


  1. Develop methods and decision-analytic models necessary for the ex ante economic evaluation of cultural wellbeing activities
  2. Develop criteria for evaluation
  3. Identify the needs of data production that supports evaluation
  4. Based on the above, make policy recommendations how to develop the economic evaluation of cultural wellbeing activities in Finland




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