Research group

FLIP&Learn is a research project conducted in collaboration with University of Eastern Finland, Tampere University and University of Turku. The purpose of this research is to investigate the influence of various teaching approaches and learning environments in the field of technical sciences in higher education. In particular, the Flipped Learning approach is being studied. Both students’ learning experiences and teachers' teaching experiences are examined in this research project.


Group members - UEF

Other group members

  • Petri Nokelainen
    Petri Nokelainen petri.nokelainen@tuni.fi
  • Mari Murtonen
    Mari Murtonen marimur@utu.fi
  • Eila Pajarre
    Eila Pajarre eila.pajarre@tuni.fi
  • Tanja Helle
    Tanja Helle tanja.helle@tuni.fi
  • Markku Saarelainen
    Markku Saarelainen markku.saarelainen@tuni.fi
  • Essi Saario
    Essi Saario essi.saario@tuni.fi