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General linguistics

Research group
01.08.2020 -
School of Humanities, Philosophical Faculty

Members of the research group work in broad sub-fields of empirical linguistics, such as anthropological linguistics, clinical linguistics, contact linguistics, documentary linguistics, linguistic typology, neurolinguistics, phonetics, and psycholinguistics. Languages in our focus belong to different families, currently these are Indo-European (German, Russian, Swedish), Turkic (Azerbaijani), and Uralic (Finnish, Komi, Meänkieli, Nganasan, Kildin Saami and Ter Saami).

The group was created in August 2020 under the direction of Michael Rießler, when he was appointed Professor and Chair of General Linguistics. The second senior member and the group’s co-leader, Alexandre Nikolaev, was appointed University Lecturer in General Linguistics in August 2021. Other affiliated senior members are Larisa Leisiö, Professor and Chair of Russian Language and Jaana Kolu, Associate Professor of Swedish language.


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    Michael Rießler appointed as Professor
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Former members

Olli Silvennoinen University Lecturer in General Linguistics 2020–2021