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Innovative water protection methods

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Finished 01.06.2018 - 01.03.2022
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PI, docent Marjo Palviainen (UH), PhD students Taija Saarela (UEF) and Eli Kakham Lafdani (UEF), professor Jukka Pumpanen (UEF) ja associate professor Ari Laurén (UEF).

Nutrient load from agriculture and forestry contribute to a major share of the nitrogen and phosphorus loads to the Baltic Sea; and decreasing this load has been excessively difficult by using traditional water protection methods. In this project we will design and test a novel biochar-based method (biochar reactor) for water purification to be used in nutrient export hot-spots in agriculture and forestry. The reactor, essentially a biochar block, will be installed in ditch drain, where it adsorbs nutrients from water. Gradually, the biochar becomes saturated with nutrients, and after the operating time the biochar with the nutrients will be circulated back to the soil. Thus, biochar could offer an innovative, cheap, renewable and 100% recyclable material for water purification and nutrient recycling. In this project we will study the scientific basis of reactor function, design the reactor, test it in field conditions and evaluate the economic feasibility of the method.


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