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Interactive Technologies

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01.08.2020 -

Interactive Technologies Research Group is one of the most active groups in Finland in eye-tracking research, digital accessibility and HCI. The group is linked with industries such as Honeywell (cockpit pilot research), Zeiss and Olympus (eye-tracking for surgical microscopes), and John Deere (harvester-operator ergonomics). The group consists of several senior researchers and a larger number of doctoral researchers, and it manages infrastructure consisting of a top-quality eye-tracking laboratory. Funding comes from the Academy of Finland, Finnish Agency for Innovation, EU infrastructure funds, private fundations, and local government funding.

The group employs human behavior sensing and understanding, computational modeling and data intensive analysis methods, and design approaches to gain deep understanding of user behavior. INT-group co-develops hardware and software systems for- and with users and operators in skilled tasks, such as microsurgery and other image-based surgeries, forest machine operation, eye-hand coordination tasks, problem solving, and programming. Implementations include intelligent training and simulation environments, medical technologies, and augmentative technologies for a wide range of user populations.