Kuopio and Oulu translational and clinical lymphoma study group

Research group

Kuopio and Oulu University hospitals have a common lymphoma study group, which further collaborates with other Finnish hospitals, University of Eastern Finland and Oulu university, four hospitals in Barcelona, Nordic Lymphoma Group, Oregon health and science university and IPCG (International Primary Central Nervous System Study Group).

In our clinical studies we aim to resolve in prospective and retrospective setting, using large collaborative patient materials, the hurdles of clinical lymphoma diagnostic, treatment decisions and treatment associated adverse effect. In our translational studies we use laboratory methods for solving problems arising from daily clinical work.

Currently we have three main areas of interest:
1) T-cell lymphoma biology, classification and therapy
2) Oxidative stress and antioxidative enzymes and how these should be taken into account in clinical treatment decisions and how drugs targeting these imolecules could be used to improve patient outcome
3) Biology and treatment of central nervous system lymphoma.
Currently our team includes two professors, two docents , three post-doc researchers and 12 doctoral students.

Group members - UEF