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Kuopio Research Centre of Geriatric Care

Research group

Our multidisciplinary team of researchers includes physicians like geriatricians and psychiatrists, pharmacists, clinical pharmacologists, dentists, epidemiologists, nutritionists, and experts in rehabilitation. We provide doctoral level training for future leaders in research, clinical practice and teaching related to geriatric care,

We mainly perform register-based research and clinical intervention studies, currently including the MEDALZ cohort and NutOrMed study . Currently, the annual number of publications is 20-30 and number of PhD thesis varies between one and three.

We have expertise in:

Register-based research including
Modelling of drug exposure from prescription register data
Pre-processing and linkage of register data

pharmacoepidemiology and drug utilization
adverse outcomes associated with drug use
healthcare service use and costs, including drug costs
epidemiology of diseases related to older age

conducting intervention studies in the aged population, special focus on
oral health

Our research projects include:

MEDALZ (MEDication use and ALZheimer’s disease) is a nationwide cohort study, including all community-dwelling persons diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in Finland during 2005-2011 (n=70,718). Comparison persons matched with age, gender and region of residence have been identified for each case. The data has been linked to multiple Finnish registers.