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Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research Group

Research group
01.01.2010 -
School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences


Group description

Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research Unit (PHORU) is a research group with a primary focus on health technology assessment (HTA) and outcomes research (e.g., in terms of health-related quality of life, costs, work ability) of pharmacotherapies, health policies, and other health care technologies. Current projects evaluate the real-world outcomes of interventions, technologies, and health policies by combining different register, digital, genomic, and electronic data sources in the following therapeutic areas:
– Prevention and treatment of type II diabetes
– Cardiovascular diseases
– Knee osteoarthritis
– Effectiveness of a case manager model in occupational health

In addition, members of the research group are currently studying societal preferences and valuations for environmental-sound medicines. The group undertakes research collaboratively with several research groups across departments at the University of Eastern Finland, as well as other domestic and foreign universities and research organisations. Overall, the aim of the research is to inform and improve value-based decision making in health care.