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Sustainable Innovation Lab

Research group
01.08.2022 -
Business School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies


Sustainable innovation research team (SUN LAB) examines ways to advance sustainability transition through innovation. We study practices, processes, and people involved in sustainable innovations. ​

Systemic thinking is required to understand the complexity, interconnectedness and interdependencies in sustainable innovations. Attention to environmental, social and economic value creation is necessary for conducting business that is sustainable, responsible and ethical. We examine sustainable innovations with expertise on strategic management, leadership, organizing, and entrepreneurship. Our team produces new knowledge about circular economy, platform economy, and digitalization. ​

We have specialized in qualitative research methods with expertise on ethnographic research, storytelling method, discourse analysis and other interpretative research methods. We also do quantitative research and network analysis. ​

We work with companies of all sizes and interact with sustainability leaders in a variety of business areas and in the public sector.


  • Professor Tojo Thatchenkery, George Mason University, USA

  • Professor Maureen Meadows, Coventry University

    Research Center for Business in Society



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