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TNO North Karelia - information, advice and guidance for the success of North Karelians

01.03.2024 - 31.12.2026
Centre for Continuous Learning


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The project is funded by European Social Fund Plus (ESF+). The project is implemented by University of Eastern Finland, City of Joensuu (coordinator), Rastor-institute, North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium and Karelia University of Applied Sciences.

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TNO North Karelia – information, advice and guidance for the success of North Karelians – the common goal of the group project is the rapid employment and education of residents through low-threshold information, guidance, and counseling work. The project supports the seamlessness of employment service paths and the development of the employment ecosystem. It increases awareness of education and skills development opportunities, reduces interruptions in education, supports transitions between education and the labor market, and helps the labor market acquire the skilled workforce it needs. The project develops content for municipality-led employment services and integrates transitioning official services into the initial service. The main implementer of the project is the city of Joensuu, and its beneficiaries are all 13 municipalities in North Karelia. The project is implemented as a group project, with sub-projects carried out by the University of Eastern Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences Ltd, North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium, and Rastor-instituutti ry.

The goal of the main implementers project is to create a comprehensive service point network in the North Karelia region, including both physical service points and digital tools. The formation of a multi-channel customer service point network takes into account the different needs of residents in the region, such as age structure, employment situation, education level, and the number of residents with an immigrant background. TNO service points ensure equal service for all customers, regardless of background or status. Such service is particularly important for groups identified as having weak connections to the labor market, such as long-term unemployed, immigrants, and young people. Service points also serve employers that are offering employment opportunities and in need of workforce.

The project is recruiting service advisors and a digital service developer who compile information on education opportunities, job openings, and other employment-promoting services for common use at the service point. They also engage in multi-channel counseling and guidance. The goal of the project is to find a functional regional digital learning environment. The starting point of the project is the timely identification of customer service needs and working towards the goal together with the customer, ensuring a smooth transition to work, education, or services promoting employment. The project enables more efficient matching of labor supply and demand through inter-municipal collaboration and information sharing, promoting labor mobility.

Sub-projects participate in launching, developing, and institutionalizing regional TNO services that support employment and education. Collaboration allows for a holistic service approach that supports customer service paths and strengthens the guidance skills of ecosystem workers. The sub-project at the University of Eastern Finland aims to enhance the expertise of various actors in employment services by developing training that coaches basic guidance skills and providing pre-supervisor training for municipal employment officers. Karelia University of Applied Sciences’ sub-project brings new solutions to career guidance for those already employed and supports skill development at different stages of a career. North Karelias Koulutuskuntayhtymä is developing the assessment of the study and work capacity of those applying for studies as part of guidance during the application phase, strengthening collaboration between regional guidance actors and Riveria, streamlining processes for various clients from seeking admission to graduation and post-graduation employment, and enhancing multidisciplinary career guidance. Rastor-instituutti develops and models rapidly and agilely delivered digital career coaching, providing customers with accessible and timely support for decision-making on their career paths. Additionally, it pilots and models career design groups and group coaching sessions that support the career planning skills and employment of customers in different labor market situations.