Traumatized Borders

Closed. 01.09.2016 - 31.08.2020

Research group

Reviving Subversive Narratives of B/Order, and Other

"Traumatized Borders: Reviving Subversive Narratives of B/Order, and Other" (TB) is a multidisciplinary research project which investigates oral and written trauma narratives related to various topographic and symbolic borders in Russian, Finnish, Estonian, Ukrainian, and North-American contexts. In the project, traumas are understood as universal, but yet culturally bound narratives and linguistic constructions. Borders, on the other hand, are understood as political and cultural constructions that create traumas and determines the meaning and significance of border related trauma narratives. Geopolitically, TB focuses on the contemporary EU-Russian border, former Soviet internal borders, and the historical Soviet Union border with the West, whose influence reaches even the North-American context. The study covers time period between the 1920s to the present day including some of the most significant historical events that have defined Russia’s and its neighbors' topographic and symbolic borders.

In the project, methods provided by cultural studies, folklore research, cultural anthropology, literature research and linguistics are applied.

The project is funded by the Academy of Finland.