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Research group

1) The purpose of developing multi-professional processes at TUVET//#Best school -project is to create efficient processes in school to support especially students with significant support needs. In addition, the project aims to investigate teachers’, students’ and caregivers’ perceptions about the function and role of school psychiatric nurse in the school environment and also the perceptions of school well-being.

The project is a part of a larger teacher training developing project (TUVET) which aims to raise awareness and competence among pre-service and in-service teachers about research-based knowledge of significant support needs. Significant support needs are characterized by multiple and multidimensional needs for support. Given support is intensive, organized and planned in strong multi-professional collaboration. Project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and led by professor Eija Kärnä.

2) Research-based support for behavioral and emotional strengths (KTVA//#Bestschool). Approaches systematically students behavioral and emotional strengths using multi-informant perspective (student, teacher, caregiver) which provides information on students’ strengths in different environments. Longitudinal research design is used in this study. Behavioral and emotional strengths are students skills, ability and characteristics that (1) creates feeling of own competence, (2) improves relationships with peers, family members and other adults, (3) strengthens ability to face stress and difficulties, as well as, (4) improves social, personal and academic development.