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Urban Biochar Filter for Stormwaters

Finished 01.01.2022 - 30.06.2023
Department of Technical Physics, Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology

A Research to Business project funded by Business Finland


We are developing a novel solution to treat storm and melt water (= run-off water) in constructed and paved urban areas such as city centers, industrial areas, and landfills. Our solution utilizes biochar as a filter element and its performance is monitored by water quality sensors. Circular economy and digitalization are the key themes of our clean tech solution. We are a R2B team from the University of Eastern Finland and funding for development has been reached from Business Finland.

Our comprehensive team includes both strong scientific and commercial knowledge.

Arto Koistinen (PhD, Biomaterials) – Project head:
About 15 years of scientific expertise in biomaterials and circular economy

Joonas Ruuskanen (MSc, Economics) – Commercialization:
5 years of experience in innovation activities and early-stage commercialization

Mikko Selenius (MSc, Chemistry) – Biochar filter:
Scientific and practical experience in biochar solutions for 20 years

Markus Johansson (MSc, Environmental Sciences & Computer Science) – Data & sensors:
Over 10 years of experience in sensors and data collection and platforms

We have a steering group that support us in sustainable urban development, water management and monitoring, circular economy, and business development.