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Abdulazeez  Afolabi

Abdulazeez Afolabi

Project Researcher

Department of Technical Physics, Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology

My research area revolve around the “Tomography in the field – new monitoring method for the effects of farming management on the GHG balance in agriculture” project led by Professor Aku Seppänen. We develop improved methods for assessing GHG balances in agriculture and small-scale biogas production. Acquiring accurate information on the GHG balances in agriculture is essential for determining and verifying the effect of more sustainable farming practices, aiding in the green transition. Our method utilizes multi-beam open-path laser dispersion spectroscopy measurement technology to estimate GHG fluxes, and we use a Bayesian state-space framework to reconstruct emission rates as temporally evolving tomography images. With this approach, spatial variations of the land and the uncertainties related to the monitored area are incorporated into the estimation. My focus lies partly on the geometrical modeling of the areas of interest, incorporating structures (barns, buildings, production machinery, etc.) and the varying altitude of ground level, into meshes suitable for FEM approximations of GHG fluxes.

In biogas plants we focus on methane (CH4) and ammonia (NH3). Our research topics involve optimizing the measurement setup for field applications and the computational modeling involved with estimating GHG emissions using the Bayesian state-space framework.