Nuorempi tutkija

Early stage researcher (Ocuther EU-funded project)
MSc, Molecular biology/biochemistry

I am doing doctoral research in Ocular drug delivery group. My research is related to Ocular ADME & PK studies. I am focusing on drug metabolizing enzymes, their activity and quantity in different ocular tissues. Enzymes play a key role in drug pharmacokinetics and less is known about ocular enzymes. Enzymes are very fascinating for me to work on , after completion of my project, I will be able to characterize DME in different ocular tissues of different species. I am working on different species and trying to investigate the specie difference in activity of drug metabolizing enzymes. For quantification, I am doing proteomics of enzyme with ocular tissues using specific peptides.
My research findings will help in ocular drug delivery and it will be an add-up to ocular drug development.

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Kuopio Canthia 2016


Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Pharmacy