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Anam  Hammid

Anam Hammid

Postdoctoral Researcher

Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. (Drug research)
Post-doctoral researcher

School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences

I am a molecular biologist with further training and expertise in the field of drug research. I have completed my Ph.D. degree in the field of ocular drug development. My Ph.D. thesis focused on the quantification and determination of activities of drug-metabolizing enzymes (DME) in major eye tissues of preclinical species and humans. The outcomes highlighted that there is a profound variation in enzyme expression levels and activities among ocular tissues. Moreover, variation among species further complicates the translation studies. My research findings will help in ocular drug development and aid in understanding the complications associated with drug pharmacokinetics.

During my Ph.D., I gained expertise in various skills and techniques including enzyme assay optimization (kinetics, activity, and inhibition), proteomics study design and analysis, proteins extraction, western blot, ocular tissues extraction, biological sample preparation/homogenization, LC/MS analysis, cell culturing, etc.,

Currently, I am working as a post-doctoral researcher in the field of targeted and global proteomics. Proteomics is an advanced, highly sensitive, and high throughput technique to profile and characterize the protein expression levels in biological fluids. I am working toward developing my skills and deepening my expertise in the field of proteomics. I am looking forward to being an independent ocular drug research and proteomics scientist.


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