Professor of environmental and water law

Co-director of Research Group: Law in Water and Environmental Governance. My research deals with the sustainable use and protection of water and other natural resources in national, EU and international law.

Contact info


Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, Law School



+358 46 920 9189


Teaching Activities

Course on International Water Law.

Societal Activities

Chair of Finnish Society for Environmental Law

Research groups and research projects

Law in Water and Environmental Governance Research Group

Center for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law (CCEEL)

UEF WATER Research Community

Central Projects:

  • WINLAND (Future energy, food and water security in Finland), PI of Law subproject, 2016–2019, funded by the Strategic Research Council (SRC)
  • 2035Legitimacy (Citizens and the Legitimacy of Finland’s Transition to a Carbon Neutral Welfare State), PI of Climate Citizenship and Legal Avenues WP, 2020–2013, funded by SRC.
  • LupaMuutos (The environmental objectives of the Water Framework Directive
    and the revision of environmental permits in Finland), Consortium PI, 2018–
    2019, funded by three Finnish Ministries.
  • VesiPOKE (The grounds and procedures for derogations under the Water
    Framework Directive in Finland), Consortium PI, 2017–2018, funded by the
    Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities.
  • UNECE Water Allocation Handbook, Drafting team PI, 2019–2020, funded by UNECE.

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