Research focus is on wood and woody biomass as a part of forest bioeconomy, including residues with the aim of introducing novel and green solution to wood modification, preservation, fire retardancy and chemical biorefining pathways. In addition, special emphasis is on novel fiber processing applications, analysis and refining into e.g. nanocelluloses.

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Faculty of Science and Forestry, School of Forest Sciences



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Research groups and research projects

Wood Materials Science group works on e.g.:
– SARS-CoV-2 resilience and transmittance from solid material surfaces of built environment (Academy of Finland 2020-2021)
– Effect of climate change on building design and indoor health (Academy of Finland 2020-2023)
– Development of UEF services on wood conversion and analysis for local SMEs (ERDF BIOPartnerit 2019-2020)
– Development of joint European Bioeconomy education at MSc level (Erasmus+ ABBEE and EBU actions 2019-2021)
– Bio-preservation of wood using tannin-nanocellulose complexes and pyrolysis distillates
– Fire retardancy of wood
– Thermo-mechanical modification of wood (joint study with Natural Resources Institute Finland)
– Investigations on Thermowood wetting and weathering phenomena (joint study with Natural Resources Institute Finland)
– Microfibrillation and chemical modification of cellulose (joint study with University of Oulu)
– Hardwood genetics and climate adaptation – effect to morphology, fiber properties and bark chemistry

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