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Ari  Lehtinen

Ari Lehtinen


My teaching and research activities focus on ‘politics of nature’ issues, both in terms of planetary developement and in connection to local/regional urban planning. As a geographer I have promoted socioenvironmental thinking and ap...

Department of Geographical and Historical Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 372 8373

My ‘politics of nature’ research is much focused on Arctic and Boreal development issues, examined both as local/regional and transnational/planetary questions. A particular target has been Joensuu, a provincial city in Eastern Finland, in which context signs and options of sustainable city planning are identified, examined and promoted. In research practices I have applied and upgraded ‘environmental action research’ methods. As a geographer, I encourage research activities that deal with contemporary socioenvironmental concerns and which also include societal participation.


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