Early Stage Researcher

I am a PhD researcher, majoring in Environmental Policy.

As a researcher, I am interested in 3 key concepts: bioeconomy, sustainability, and governance with a focus on forest-related issues. Why? Because the transition to a sustainable and climate-neutral future is increasingly associated with the economy based on bioresources instead of fossils. Bioeconomy has become a widespread discourse in both science and policy. Forests and forest resources play an essential role in the bioeconomy discourse. However, bioeconomy-driven intensification of forest management is not necessarily sustainable per se. We do know that unsustainable forest management may lead to resource depletion, biodiversity decline, primary forest loss, violation of local communities’ rights in different regions of the world. In turn, forest management's sustainability depends on multiple governance levels, tools, and actors involved in policymaking. I am interested in the role of globalization and privatization of forest governance in sustainable forest management in the global bioeconomy meta-discourse era. In particular, how market-driven forest certification, NGOs and private companies address forest-related problems. My current research on Russia is supported by the Kone Foundation and the Department of Geographical and Historical Studies.

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Department of Geographical and Historical Studies, Environmental Policy





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Responsive Natural Resources Governance Research Group Social Scientific Biosociety Research Network (SOBIO) LYY Institute for Natural Resources, Environment and Society