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Dominique van de Klundert

Visiting Researcher

Dominique van de Klundert is a visiting postdoctoral researcher from Aotearoa New Zealand, working between UEF and the University of Rijeka courtesy of the YUFE programme. Her doctoral research developed a media archaeology-informed ‘stereographic’ methodology for de/colonising visual heritage research, combining 3D photographic imaging with the Latin American personal-political oral history narrative form of testimonio to simulate a conversation among residents of contested UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bolivia and Palestine.

Other projects analysed the evidentiary status and heritage qualities of the documentary photographs of early Australian photographer J.W. Lindt and critically investigated the use of criminal death masks in the intersecting practice of phrenology and development of neuroscience at the University of Melbourne’s medical school. Having served as a travel and academic editor, she also supported innovative research dissemination in video format as a participant in the ‘Science & Startups’ programme of the Berlin University Alliance.

Her current project investigates the ways in which eco-discourse around designated international ‘dark sky’ communities combating light pollution in Europe and the UK suggests a resurgence of the notion of ‘planetary’ heritage integrated with more-than-human wellbeing.