Eerika  Finell

Eerika Finell


Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 308 0368

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+358 50 3080368
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As a sociopsychologist, I am interested in intragroup processes and how these processes shape people’s experience, their well-being, attitudes, and intergroup relations. I analyse these issues in two fields: i) multicultural contexts and national identity, and ii) environmental threats. My research is characterised by an interest in studying these phenomena in contexts that may appear banal at a first glance (mothers’ intergroup contacts with other mothers in playgrounds, small everyday memories associated with national symbols, children’s experiences in mouldy school buildings). The analyses of these kinds of  slow moving and everyday phenomena may play a pivotal role in the development of many sociopsychological approaches and fields and they have high practical meaning.

Podcast: Perceived environmental threats and group processes

The lecture on perceived environmental threats and group processes. It focuses on the psychosocial consequences of indoor environmental problems. The link to the video is here.

The lecture was held during EASP Summer School 2022 organized by SWPS University, Faculty of Psychology in Wroclaw, European Association of Social Psychology and Social Behavior Research Center.


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