University Lecturer

PhD, health economics

Contact info


Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, Department of Health and Social Management




+358 40 355 2672


Teaching Activities

At the moment I have a couple of masters students and about ten PhD students whose thesis I supervise.. I used to teach various courses in health economics. Also, the general supervision of studies and curriculum planning belonged to my tasks.

Research groups and research projects

  • Reliable knowledge for health care: process and practice of shared decision making (PROSHADE) project promotes cost-effective and high-quality health care based on reliable information and shared decision-making. Economic information is integrated in clinical practice guidelines to support cost-effective care. The newer Choosing Wisely recommendations have compiled evidence of inappropriate interventions in health care. We develop tools to support de-implementation of inappropriate practices in healthcare units and care decisions. Patient participation is developed by producing a digital tool to Health Village based on the needs of patients and professionals. The service enables patients to communicate their preferences and experiences of care to professionals for shared decision-making. We examine information literacy and interaction in care practice decisions between professionals and in individual patient care decisions.
  • Aeroallergens and immunological preparedness for future climate scenarios: implications for public health promotion / Consortium: ALL-IMPRESS 2020-23. Health economists 1) collaborate in analyzing the association between aeroallergens and use of health services and the costs of health care, and 2) develop a framework to evaluate costs and benefits/effectiveness of interventions in environmental health. Consortium is lead by UEF/Marjut Roponen
  • Awareness, prevention and early intervention (APEX) project 2016-19 aims to develop and study low-threshold, digitally delivered preventive intervention programs regarding maternal postpartum depression, conduct problems of pre-school children and anxiety problems among school-aged children. UEF in charge of conducting economic evaluation of digitally delivered preventive interventions. Consortium is lead by the University of Turku.