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Gleb Yarovoy aka Iarovoi

Gleb Yarovoy aka Iarovoi

Doctoral Researcher

Conducting research in subaltern geopolitics in the border regions of Finland and Russia (previously aka EU-Russian cross-border cooperation), also interested in academic freedoms and doing freelance journalism in free time

Karelian Institute, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 471 4923

Having defended my Russian “candidate of science” dissertation in 2007, I am currently writing my “European” PhD thesis, which was devoted to cross-border governance on the EU-Russian border, participatory arrangements in cross-border programmes and the role of non-state actors in inter-regional cooperation. However, after Russian invasion of Ukraine there is no more “cross-border cooperation” and “cross-border governance” on the EU-Russian border. So my current research is being revisited towards exploring the “subaltern geopolitics” of the Finnish-Russian border, i.e. the geopolitical imagination of subaltern groups having direct or indirect relations to this border. Also, as a research hobby and a natural scope of interest, I study academic freedoms in Russia (and Russian academia as subaltern).

As a freetime hobby, for many years now, I do journalism. Previously, I reported on sensitive issues of Russian political and social life, such as human rights violations by the state, by the Russian Orthodox Church, by security agencies and courts. Currently, I cover different issues of the Finnish-Russian relations for Russian readers.


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