Ph.D. student at the doctoral program of “Welfare Health and Business Management” (WELMA), majoring in Social Work. Areas of research and interest are as follows: Migration, mental health, well-being, and quality of life of refugees and asylum-s..

My area of ​​research involves the general theme of "Migration and its impacts on mental health and well-being of Refugees and Asylum-seekers" with a specific emphasis on Persian-speaking Refugees in Finland. I admire the bottom-up approach in the study of Refugees to raise their voice in the Finnish context and improve public knowledge on the precarious situation of Refugees in general. This innovative approach insists on the Emancipation of Refugees. I also like to do research on the post-traumatic growth experienced by Refugees and Asylum seekers, highlighting the importance of developing positivity out of their negative experiences of pre-migration, resettlement, and post-resettlement process. I have already written a paper as my first article during the Ph.D. period.

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Teaching Activities

• Teacher Assistant at the Annual International Social Work Seminar, University of Eastern Finland, 2nd and 3rd December 2019. Facilitator: Janet Anand.

Societal Activities

• “Iranian National Elites Foundation” Scholarship
• Inaugurator and chairman of “PART institute of social studies and research” in Collaboration with University of Tehran’s Science and Technology Park, master students of Sociology and Professors of related fields as our Consultants, directors, and members , 2017-2019.
• Assistant researcher in the international project of “Social determinants of mental health in urban life”, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Iran.

Research groups and research projects

Member of the Borders, Mobilities, and Cultural Encounters Research Community, BOMOCULT RC