Hang HB Nguyen

Hang HB Nguyen

Postdoctoral Researcher

Law School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies




Hang Nguyen is a Post-Doc Researcher at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) specializing in Intellectual Property (IP) Law. Currently, her research concerns farmers’ privileges in Vietnamese Law compared to the European Union (EU) Law. As an agricultural country, Vietnam’s IP agriculture-related regulations, such as plant variety and farmer’s privileges, are not very developed; meanwhile, these regulations are more advanced in the EU. The comparison between the EU and Vietnam shows what is missing and what can be applied to Vietnam laws. Also, this research points out the possibility to protect Vietnamese agriculture products under other regimes rather than plant variety such as certification marks, collective marks, geographic indications, etc.

Hang Nguyen is a Lecturer at the faculty of Civil Law – Ho Chi Minh City University of Law (HCMU Law), Vietnam. She teaches IP Law, Civil Law, Personal Rights for undergraduate and LL.M students at HCMU Law and other universities as a guest lecturer. She obtained her Master and Doctoral degrees at the Graduate School of Law, Nagoya University, Japan. Her LL.D Dissertation and LL.M thesis were about comparative issues related to trademark laws among the United States, the EU, Japan, and Vietnam. She moved to Finland joined UEF because its Law School offers broad, wide, and profound courses on IP; it is possible to examine different fields related to IP, such as IP and Food/Food Fraud; IP and Internet or IP and International Trade.




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