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Hanna  Nuutinen

Hanna Nuutinen

University Teacher

School of Educational Sciences and Psychology, Philosophical Faculty | +358 50 526 2628

050 5262628
050 526 2628
+358 50 526 2628
+35850 526 2628
050 5262 628
+358 50 5262 628
+35850 5262 628
+358 50 5262628
+35850 5262628

I am an expert and educator with specialized expertise in the field of counseling processes pertaining to individuals and small groups, as well as the multifaceted phenomena and influences of counseling interactions and social factors within the realm of guidance. My professional role is situated within a university’s career and guidance program, where I hold the position of an university teacher. In this capacity, I instruct undergraduate students in matters pertaining to the aforementioned subjects, while also overseeing their practical training experiences.

My doctoral research centers on an investigation into the career adaptability of secondary school students, focusing on their corresponding perceptions of their own competencies and self-awareness, encompassing behavioral and emotional strengths.Employing quantitative research methods, I investigate the impact of social factors on the career adaptability of young individuals and their perceptions of behavioral and emotional strengths.

Prior to embarking on my university career, I accumulated over a decade of diverse teaching and developmental roles in secondary and primary educational institutions, as well as participation in various projects. At the University of Eastern Finland, I have actively contributed to initiatives such as the “Pathway to Upper Secondary School” project and the “Guidance Expertise in Collaboration” project. Within these endeavors, my responsibilities have encompassed project development and the collection and production of research materials, fulfilled through roles as both a trainer and researcher.


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