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Heli  Pesonen

Heli Pesonen

University Teacher

University Teacher, School of Educational Sciences and Psychology, Career Counselling

School of Educational Sciences and Psychology, Philosophical Faculty | +358 50 526 3910

I work in study and career guidance program as a university teacher, and in addition to teaching and supervising internships, I am a doctoral researcher. My core competence in teaching is linked to the themes of encounter and interaction at the levels of individual, small group and community guidance, taking social aspects into account.

My doctoral research centers on “As a girl in high school” and  at the core of my research is the exploration of the subjective experiences of high school girls in the context of upper secondary school. And on the other hand, what kind of reality of high schools their speech describes in this neoliberal society.

Before my university career, I have worked in different contexts in individual, group guidance and teaching work for people of different ages and in different life situations. The critical review and development work of steering is close to my heart and I have worked in seven different  research and development projects during my career. At the University of Eastern Finland, I have worked as an expert, trainer and researcher in the following guidance research and development projects: “Kick Start for Higher Education -project”, “Pathway to Upper Secondary School” project and the “Guidance Expertise in Collaboration” project.


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